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Become a Leaf Floating Down the River. When Gratitude Expands Within You There’s No Room Left For Worry, Guilt or Fear…

Become a Leaf Floating Down the River
When Gratitude Expands Within You
There’s No Room Left For Worry,
Guilt or Fear…

The #1 secret to eliminating stress, anxiety, and negative emotions.

INSIDE: A free infographic detailing the "mirror exercise" from the seventh chapter of my book "7 Secrets of a Stress Free Life."

Eliminate Stress Permanently and Effortlessly!

The Seven Secrets contained in these pages embody a unique paradigm. In this book, you will learn that you don’t need to change your external circumstances to eliminate your stress. Because stress is created in the mind, the solution to stress is also found in the mind. What does this mean for you?

  • No dieting!
  • No exercising!
  • No meditation!
  • No goal setting!
  • No more doing the things that cause MORE stress!

As you learn and adopt the Seven Secrets, your stress will begin to dissolve without any effort on your part. Your journey through the Seven Secrets will build hope and confidence that a new day is dawning in your life. With a mind free of stress, you will discover your true self—a self you love and want to be.


From Debilitatingly Overwhelmed, Bankrupt and Near Suicidal... To Effortlessly Successful While Living COMPLETELY Stress-Free

Hi friend,

My name is RJ, and I used to have a serious stress problem.

As a self proclaimed “high performer”, I prided myself in taking on more responsibilities while climbing up the corporate ladder.

On the outside, things were great. I had a high paying wall street job, I had a beautiful wife, an enviable lifestyle and a growing family.

On the inside, I was in turmoil. The pressures and time commitments of my “impressive” role kept building and eventually I became the head trader of a 15 Billion dollar investment portfolio. I pretended everything was fine… but in reality I was drowning in stress and burning out fast.

My personal life was deteriorating and my performance was losing its edge. I looked everywhere for “lasting relief”. I progressed from pain meds, to drugs, to gambling… and finally I lost my job, lost my money, was separated from my wife and three daughters, and even ended up in jail.

After years of suffering, at the point where I was devoid of all hope. I could give up and end my life or I could make a decision to grow… I made a choice… I was going to stop this thing and take back my life.  

Spoiler Alert: This was the best decision I ever made, and through dedication, discovery and mastery, I’ve created a proven and effortless method you can use to permanently eliminate your stress and the thoughts that cause it.

My life’s  mission is to help You release the diabolical stress that, consciously or unconsciously, is hijacking your potential Freedom, Success and TRUE Fulfillment.

Your family deserves better. Your legacy deserves better. Most importantly, YOU deserve better.


Effortlessly Eliminate Your Stress...
(Joy, Intuition and Fulfilment)

A stress-filled life not only robs you of the pleasures of peace, presence and performance… it also prevents you from connecting to the fact that your life is actually good.

Whether your stress is coming from your family, your work, your health, or any other outside pressures… You CAN release it from your life for good.

Imagine eliminating stress effortlessly, without having to actually change anything about your life or the external circumstances currently surrounding it.

If you’d like to get rid of being tired, fed-up, brain fatigued, hopeless, and stressed-out….

Replacing that with a life where every day means freedom from old negative beliefs and a curious anticipation for regular interesting and fulfilling experiences, then you may be ready for “Effortless Success Coaching”.

It’s possible to live stress-free and it’s closer than you could ever imagine.


My vision is to help families to live better lives.

Throughout my journey, I’ve seen first hand how stress within families can cause major challenges, negativity, worry, and anxiety.

Like I said before… Your family deserves better. Your legacy deserves better. You deserve better.

I work not only one-one one with parents but also together with their children to help them build better relationships and better lives by learning to communicate and cooperate in ways that reduce stress and empower the entire family.

Send me a message to find out more.


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The #1 secret to eliminating stress, anxiety, and negative emotions.

INSIDE: A free chapter from my book "7 Secrets of a Stress Free Life"