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My Journey Out
of Overwhelm Hell

About 30
years ago

When my problems became known to the bank, and after a period of demotion and probation, I was terminated.

My new escape from stress became gambling, which led me to lose all of our family savings.

My wife took on multiple jobs while she raised our three young daughters.

My stress surged through every relationship I had, from friends to relatives, to my wife and girls.

I was constantly in fight or flight mode without realizing it… and it became a daily struggle for me to connect with anyone.

My stress further spiraled out of control over the next several years… to the point where I could barely pick up a razor to shave.

I was a sloth and a hermit.

In The Spring of 2003 I hit rock bottom, bankrupt and piling on hundreds of thousands in casino debt through uncontrollable gambling.

From Debilitatingly Overwhelmed, Bankrupt and Near Suicidal... To Effortlessly Successful While Living COMPLETELY Stress-Free

About 30 years ago, I’d been promoted to Chief Investment Officer and Head Trader of a $15 billion dollar investment portfolio.

The more successful this new company became, the more stressed and overwhelmed I found myself.

” What if I make the wrong decisions? What if I lose my job? Everyone is judging me…”

My responsibilities grew and I found myself putting more and more hours in the office… spending less time doing what I loved with those I loved.

On paper I had the success of a beautiful family, a beautiful home, and the millionaire status.

Internally, I was a train wreck bursting with anxiety and discontent.

I needed an escape out, so I turned to drugs to medicate my extreme stress.

First, doctor prescribed painkillers. Once those stopped being effective I graduated to concoctions of ecstasy, LSD and Ketamine.

I was Broken...

How Could STRESS Cause This Much Harm To Me and My Family?

I was broken… I ended up separated from my family for over 2 years and I was empty inside. 

It became clear that my life couldn’t go on this way.

I wouldn’t let it.

I had two choices; either I would kill myself or I would recreate my life so everyone and everything worked.

I decided then and there to surrender to self healing. I chose the mission to rebuild myself from the ground up… FREE FROM STRESS

Over the next decade, I dove into therapy, 12-step groups and countless programs and courses in personal development, medicine, spirituality, health, and eastern wisdom.

Some of it was helpful, but to be honest, most of it was not.

During this time, I began noticing patterns within me… when I was able to harness these patterns for the outcome I was looking for, magic happened in my life.

This stress free alchemy revealed itself through several principles and disciplines, one by one.

As I started incorporating these stress reduction truths, my life got better and better, with more joy, success and momentum than I ever could have imagined.



Before I knew it, I had completely eliminated every ounce of stress in my life.

My family grew closer to me, more abundant financial opportunities came my way on a predictable basis, and friends, acquaintances and colleagues came out of the woodwork to rejoice during and after my transformation.

I became unrecognizable and, before I knew it, many others requested the same shifts for themselves.

At first, I believed this method would only work for me… but as I began applying these unique techniques to everyone who asked for them, from traders, executives, business owners, parents, all the way to children, it was evident how effective this system is for everyone.

It turns out, these aren’t just techniques… they’re Immutable Laws to stress-free living.

Those who take on effortless stress elimination experience a paradigm shift in their life where EVERYTHING works.

The only difference between myself and my coaching clients is that it took me twenty years, bankruptcy, and temporarily losing my family to get here… where as everyone else is able to achieve the same permanent results in months or less!

Over the past year, my life’s mission has crystallized to this:

“Changing the paradigm around stress, to create a world with NO UNNECESSARY OVERWHELM.”

Are you ready to let go of your stress?

If you’re looking to regain your intuition, tap into super creativity, have your life work for you in unbelievably powerful ways and to actually perform at the highest level possible in your personal and professional life… then we should talk.


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