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Stress kills

Whether sabotaging your personal and professional aspirations and ambitions, poisoning your crucial relationships, or literally destroying your body with excessive cortisol production... Stress Kills.

When your’re ready to help your audience ELIMINATE their most common and most diabolical addiction, STRESS, you owe it to them to invite RJ as a speaker. 

RJ is the perfect speaker for audiences who’ve experienced excess stress, from corporate keynotes to intimate masterminds, to intellectually stimulating podcasts.

He is candid, frank, humorous, and able to offer your tribe more than one stress free paradigm shift in record time. 

The benefits of effortless stress elimination are almost too good to be true. From improved health and vitality, to greater happiness and fulfilment, improved interpersonal relationships, to your life actually working for you… It’s a no brainer to incorporate these practices into everyone’s way of being.

The more people who take on this effortless approach to successful living, the greater the amount of happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction this world can experience.

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