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Hi Friends, RJ here.

I recently released my book “The Seven Secrets of a Stress Free Life” and want to tell you about a new program I’ve e put together to help you implement the concepts. It is a new community of people committed to eliminating the unwanted stress in their life… together.

It’s proven that when we do something as a group, we are more committed to accomplish the task than doing it on our own. So I am inviting you to become a charter member of the Stress Elimination Nation.

As a charter member of the Stress Elimination Nation, you are going to get incredible, unprecedented access and value from me in order to get rid of being tired, fed-up, brain fatigued, hopeless, and stressed-out…. To make it as easy as possible to try it out, and experience this community, I am offering a one month trial membership for only $7. Thereafter, it is still an affordable $97/month.


Check out the features and benefits of your membership...

Weekly Live Coaching Call. I host a live coaching call every week. It is scheduled for one hour but we’ll go longer if the group needs more support. This call will have 4 parts to it.

1. Topic introduction

Each week I will present information not contained in the book that will supplement what you have read and learned.

2. Q&A

Members will have the opportunity to ask questions with answers that will help move you forward.

3. Live one-on-one coaching.

If you need specific support, send me a coaching request and I will work with you live in the call to help you. This will also help others in the community who are going through similar challenges. You get to learn from others and them from you.

4. Live chat

The coaching room is a virtual zoomprivate video chat room that offers the group the opportunity to interact with me the screen, and with each other in the chat box. We will also conduct live polls to find out what you want and need to accelerate your growth.

This is a community design to accelerate your growth and help you build effortless success.

Get Access To Private Facebook Group

Members can post their successes, questions, struggles and anything else to the group and get support and, if requested, feedback. This is a heart and soul of the community. We can create accountability partnerships, reach out for help, and otherwise join with others travelling the same path.

Educational Webinars

From time to time, I will host special webinars to present new ideas to help you on your journey. I might and bring on guests to tell us their stories and how they live life at this elevated level of consciousness.


All coaching calls and webinars will be recorded and archived. Review past meetings anytime, anywhere.

And, If you don’t have a copy of my book, I’ll even send you an electronic PDF version for free (just send me a request in a reply from your membership login details email).

I believe a mentor should provide as much value as possible to the community he serves. I really believe you will gain tremendous value insight and growth from this service community. That’s why I’m offering a full one month trial for only $7.

Click here to join this incredible group of individuals who are committed to permanently eliminating their stress. I look forward to seeing you in the roominside.

To Your Success,


RJ Johnson

The #1 secret to eliminating stress, anxiety, and negative emotions.